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1, Make Your Hair Packages with Your Logo
2, Professional Hair Pictures with Your Packages for Your Website
3, Start Your Drop Shipping Orders

Make your hair packages as hair label / wrap, hair tag, hair bag, hair box etc, all packages can be with your logo, name, website, contact information etc, following are hair packages we made for some of our customers:

After you made your hair packages, we can take professional hair pictures with your packages for you, like the following hair pictures (can change our packages to your packages once you made), you can put thoese pictures on your website or show to your customers; and once you made your hair packages, you can start your drop shipping hair orders, each hair will be with your packages for each drop shipping order.


What's dropshipping? What's the difference between traditional shipping and dropshipping? 
In a transaction, there are actually three different parties:
  ◎ Suppliers
  ◎ Retailers/Wholesalers
  ◎ Customers
The retailer gets the hairs from the supplier and sells to the customers, this is our very common sales model, most of retailers/wholesalers followed this pattern in the past.
But if you don't want to do shipping by yourself, and don't want to have stock, and don't have want to invest a lot of money, dropshipping is the perfect way to do all that for you.

How to start dropshipping?

we provide you professional hair pictures for website, and private packaging like your label and tag, you put the professional hair pictures with your label and tag on your website or your shop or your socail medium account to get customers.

once your customers ordered from you, you just need to send us order details and your customers shipping address, we will ship hair to your customers directly with your company name as sender, you don't need to do anything to make money.

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